Teaching Summer Term 2024

Welcome to the teaching page for summer term 2024. Here you find all resources and information.

  • Lecture - Computational Foundations II
    By completing this module, students will have had a detailed exposition to computing. They have learned the core of the modern programming language C++. Furthermore, students have understood a selection of data structures (arrays, trees, maps, hash tables, priority queues, sets), programming patterns, and core algorithms.
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  • Lecture - Seminar Selected Topics in Big Geospatial Data
    In this module, students learn advanced techniques from big geospatial data management and analysis and are exposed to selected topics in a real-world context on the big geospatial data cluster and beyond. In this semester, we are going to concentrate on embedded AI with a project on dead wood reckognition.
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  • Lecture - GIS with Volunteered Geographic Information
    This course provide a general introduction to the concepts and possibilities of open source geospatial data (e.g., Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI) and open goverment data) and software (e.g., FOSSGIS software such as GRASS GIS, QGIS and GDAL/OGR).
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  • Lecture - Big Geospatial Data Analysis and Management
    In this lecture, the students learn how current systems for dealing with big data are organized, implemented, programmed, deployed, and used.
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  • Lab Course - Mobile Computer Vision
    In this lab course, students develop a first understanding of computer vision models based on neural networks and are supposed to learn a little bit of the involved tools.
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  • Seminar - Geospatial Data Science
    This seminar serves as an introduction to the geospatial data science domain for computer science students.
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  • Research Seminar
    In this seminar, the master and PhD candidates get into touch with diverse problems, research results and techniques from the field of research of the chair. The objective of this seminar is to improve the level of understanding of the field for the doctoral students, familiarise them with the new developments and publications, and ensure that the resesarch of the professorship stays coordinated.
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