Aerospace Bachelor starts

The new semester sees the arrival of the very first students at the TU Munich to study our newly established Bachelor Aerospace. We participate in this study program with the two computer science lectures (“Computational Foundations I”, “Computational Foundations II”) and teach the basics of algorithms, programming, and technical programming, and computer engineering, so that our students can develop mission critical software. In times of digitalization, there is probably no subject in which the long-term theoretical foundation (computer science as the foundation of all data science) is as important as actual practical skills (software as a universal tool). Accordingly, we adopt the didactic approach 4CID, which emphasizes learning through practical tasks in in a procedural way (step by step: increasing complexity with decreasing assistance) and thematic embedding (application examples). (examples of application) is in the spotlight.

We are looking forward to this new lecture series, which will be in parts also be used in the next semester in the course of geodesy and geoinformatics.

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