Getting to Us...

Public Transport From the city center, you should use the route planning service of the public transport company MVV showing good connections and ticketing information.

Typical routes would use

  • any transport (S, U, Tram, Bus) to get to the ExpressBus X200 Taufkirchen which you take until Lilienthalstraße
  • S7: Ottobrunn, followed by buses MVV-Regionalbus 241 Taufkirchen, Friedhof until Ottobrunn, Marie-Curie-Str. or MVV-Regionalbus 229 Ottobrunn, leaving at Phönix-Bad
  • U5/S7: Neuperlach Süd, followed by MVV-Regionalbus 222 Höllriegelskreuth Bf. ü. Deisenhofen Bf. until Marie - Curie - Str.

By car or taxi
Navigate to Lise - Meithner - Str. 9, 85521 Ottobrunn. Be careful, there are many streets with this name in the area. You have to mention Ottobrunn.

Buildings The office and most seminar rooms we are routinely using are located in the building labeled 11.0 below. Inside these buildings, maps of the campus are available to find further details. Anfahrt

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