The AtlasHDF Mapping of OSM to HDF5 containers for GeoAI
The AtlasHDF Mapping of OSM to HDF5 containers for GeoAI2023 H. Li & M. Werner

Hierarchical Data Format for Water-related Big Geodata (HDF4Water)

Project Description

The HDF4Water project is funded by DFG (project no. 460036893) as an 6-month incubator project via the NFDI Consortium Earth System Sciences (NFDI4Earth).

In this project, we developed a big data framework based on the modern HDF5 technology, called AtlasHDF (Werner & Li, 2022), in which we designed lossless data mappings (i.e., immediate mapping and analysis-ready mapping) from OpenStreetMap (OSM) vector data into a single HDF5 data container to facilitate fast and flexible GeoAI applications, for instance, surface water mapping with OSM and Sentinel-2 data. This document describes concisely all decisions that we took towards adapting the flexible AtlasHDF data storage framework to the requirements of a sustainable, simple, (almost) dependency-free data representation for GeoAI across multiple modalities.


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