Example Use-Cases for AI4NCA Applications
Example Use-Cases for AI4NCA Applications(c) Airbus Defence and Space 2022

AI for non-mission critical applications processing (AI4NCA)

Project Description

The objective of the project is to to develop and implement a concept for an AI on-board processing unit that best showcases future missions

  • Enhance a mission scenario with the AI solution
  • Target future mission by delivering a high TRL solution
  • Realistic demonstration environment
  • Inform future activities

The project is developed side by side with EVOLEO Technologies and Airbus Defence and Space.

Project Goals

The goal of the project is to identify future missions needs and select scenarios where the application of AI-based algorithms is of advantage, identify the datasets and design the necessary algorithmic strategies and finally develop and validate the hardware and software platforms. The proposed Use Cases include

  • Optical Autonomy: Active MTF Control, Ghost Straylight Detection, RTS Detection
  • Data Reduction or Analysis: Ship Iceberg Detection, Cloud Classification, Image Compression
  • Radar Autonomy: RF Interference, Jamming Detection, AOI Selection


This project is contracted by the European Space Agency (ESA) under the ITT reference ESA A/1-10711/21/NL/AS (2022-2025)

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